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Finding The Best Senior Addiction Treatment Program

It is critical to find the best senior addiction program for your loved one. This is the key to helping your loved one heal from the effects of addiction and regain control of their life.

There are many addiction treatment programs available throughout the country, however it is important to seek out one which will suit your loved ones personal recovery needs. Choosing a facility which is experienced in working with seniors adults in addiction may be the best option.

Case Management Services

Addiction programs that are geared towards senior adult should also offer case management services. This is very important because many senior adults lack the social supports that are necessary to help the patient continue recovering after they are discharged from the program. These case management services will connect the individual with the psychiatric, medical, and social resources they will need following their release from their addiction treatment facility.

Building Social Networks

It is also important for the program to be able to assist senior patients in building a social network. For many aging people they face retirement and/or the death of a significant other, they become isolated, which all leads to increased likelihood of becoming reliant on drugs or prescription medications as a way to cope. Having a reliable social network can help to prevent the individual relapsing and future problems from occurring.

Age-Specific Treatment Programs

A senior addiction treatment program should be comprised of age-specific treatment programs. This will will allow senior patients to work through their addiction and retain the necessary information to help them maintain their sobriety at a speed that is comfortable for them. Patients will learn coping strategies that will allow them to handle loss, depression, loneliness, and grief in a healthy way.

Staffing Expectations

Not only should the facility be looked at large, it should also be looked at according to its staffing. An senior addiction treatment facility should have staff that is not only trained in addiction medicine, but has expertise in the psychiatric and medical needs of senior adults. These facilities should also be staffed with licensed nutritionists who is able to work one on one with senior patients to help them create a diet that meets their specific nutritional needs.

Senior Treatment Programs That Work

Each of these treatment programs are tailored to the patients individual recovery needs, so that it is possible for them to achieve recovery. Regardless to your age, with the right support and resources you can overcome substance abuse and begin living a sober, more fulfilling life in recovery.

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