Behavioral Modification Treatment Programs for Seniors

Behavior modification therapy offers patients with practical solutions to the complicated problems of substance abuse. This therapeutic approach is based on the idea that addiction is a learned behavior, so with a system of positive and negative reinforcement the bad habits associated with addiction can be changed.

Behavior modification techniques help patients to overcome the thought patterns, social cues and habits that make difficult for them to quit abusing drugs or alcohol. This treatment program is often used in individual counseling sessions or in group sessions, helping to teach patients how to make healthy choices that will promote their sobriety.

Reward System

Substance abuse has both positive and negative consequences on the individuals health and other aspects of their life, with the positive effects keeping them turning back to drugs or alcohol. Behavioral Modification Therapy uses a reward system to encourage the repetition of healthy behaviors.

The first stage of treatment involves the patient setting healthy goals for himself. The counselor then breaks down these goals into small, manageable steps. The counselor teaches the patient to concentrate on the positive effects of staying sober and the negative consequences of abusing drugs or alcohol.  When the patient sees himself reaching his goals he is away of the positive and keeps pushing forward to achieve all of his goals in sobriety and life.

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